About the project

The project d-ICT aims to improve VET educators’ digital skills and competencies in distance learning training by creating an innovative gamified eLearning experience. That will result into building a more interesting and interactive environment that will boost the curiosity of VET learners and lessen any potential dropouts.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought to the forefront the need for distance learning due to the closure of VET centres. Distance learning is a unique opportunity for the consortium countries – Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Belgium, France, and Portugal – to make VET education more interactive as they struggle to communicate effectively with the learners through the lockdowns. Therefore, the target groups are VET educators and learners that will benefit from this project’s outcome.

The project will offer the following resources:

Lessons Learned: Explore the taken resolutions that were used during the Covid-19 era.
D-ICT e-Toolkit: Introduce distance learning practices and digital tools to facilitate the e-Learning experience end prevent dropouts.
Development of a Gamified asynchronous eLearning experience.

Partnership: University of the Peloponnese (GR), Centro Servizi Formazione (IT), IASIS (GR), C.I.P Citizens in Power (CY), ISQe-learning (PT), F.C.B Forum Citoyens – Burgers (BE), Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens (FR), INFODEF Instituto para el fomento del desarrollo y la formación (ES)

Duration: 28 February 2022 – 27 February 2024

Project Number: 2021-1-EL01-KA220-000024942

Our target groups:

Direct target group: VET Educators
End Users: VET educators and learners
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