The Centro Servizi Formazione began operating in the territory of Pavia in 1997, with the aim of creating social projects, vocational training and school support. In time activities of the Centre are considerably expanded, particularly with the participation to complex projects at the Provincial, Regional, National and European level.
The Centro Servizi Formazione has four locations, one in Pavia (the mother house), made up of an autonomous structure with classrooms and laboratories for the education and professional in all its types:
• 1 Aula Magna with 90 seats, suitable for seminars, conferences, presentations, meetings;
• 18 rooms for meetings and lessons of theoretical training;
• 1 computer rooms, with 22 seats (PCs connected to the network are connected to the Internet via ADSL and managed by two servers);
• 1 multi-purpose laboratory exercises.
• In addition, the structure has a meeting room, a library and offices, secretarial, administration, coordination and management, toilet room and coffee breaks.
The second location is in Milano, the third in Vigevano and the fourth in Voghera, all these cities are in the Lombardy Region.
Their offices are made up of an autonomous structure with classrooms for different kind of training: vocational, permanent and continuous, offices for the direction, coordination and mentoring activities. All classrooms are equipped for modern and advanced teaching. The equipment available are: LIM boards, flip charts, overhead projectors, TV, video data projectors, notebook PCs, VCRs, audio equipment.
Among the most significant experiences, the Centro Servizi Formazione has been active in initiatives concerning the European-wide testing of models for training and inclusion of people with special needs and social-working people at risk of social exclusion, and to fruitful exchanges of good practice with networks transnational.
Their Centre Team consists of teachers, professionals and technicians in social and educational area. The main activities are:
• Services to Education
• Services to Work
• Personal, educational and professional Guidance
• Spaces for listening and supporting educational psychology
• Social Research and Social Planning
• Systemic Counselling

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