University of the Peloponnese

University of the Peloponnese is a modern, multidisciplinary, regional, and multi-campus university. Established in 2000, it accepted its first students in 2002. It is developed in Tripolis, Corinth, Nafplio, Sparta, Kalamata, and Patras. The University comprises of 9 Schools and 22 Departments. It offers studies in all cycles of learning: undergraduate, postgraduate, and Doctoral as well as Life Long Learning and has more than 20.000 students.

The vision of the University of the Peloponnese (UoP), in Greece can be summarized as follows:

• Generating, disseminating, and promoting scientific knowledge through high-quality research and teaching
• Strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation and synergies among Departments within the University and with other institutions in Greece and abroad
• Respecting and promoting diversity and multiculturalism
• Close collaboration with local and regional authorities
• Strengthening links with alumni and external stakeholders
• Internationalization of research and teaching
• Effective administrative structures and practices
• Integration of Information and Communication Technologies

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